150,000,000 LCDP Tokens Burnt and More News!

We know how eager you are to catch up with the latest news of your favorite new NFT Gaming Token : LCDP Token , so here it is!

Hello November!

This November was overwhelming in new steps for the LCDP Project. After the PancakeSwap Listing on the 7th, two major listings followed : CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko !

The LCDP Token devs and team then started making some crucial steps.

  • Over 150 Million LCDP worth 50.000$ were burned but the project devs in one week.
  • The Holder count of $LCDP has exceeded +4560 holders in less than TWO weeks, with over than +11600 transactions !
  • The LP Lock was extended from April to October 2022, as gratitude for the loyal LCDP Communities and their faith and support to the project.
  • The CEO of LCDP Token represented the Project in another two of the most important Blockchain Conferences : D4A in Barcelona and AIBC Summit in Malta.
  • The LCDP Token NFT Marketplace will be released this December! The limited NFT collection will have 10x10 pieces of NFTs with Amazing Prices for the lucky first owners!

This New NFT collection is widely anticipated by the community of the LCDP Token around the globe.

  • Have you checked our website lately? Well, you should! The updated Roadmap is now available on the LCDP Token Website. Don’t miss it.

LCDP Token X D4A Blockchain For Governance

( Barcelona, Nov. 11–12 ,2021)


This November, Democracy4All held its annual conference in Barcelona, Spain and was a huge success. The La Casa De Papel Token ($LCDP) was represented in this important event by the CEO of the LCDP Project, who attended the various workshops and established some great new connections.

Barcelona Workshops

  • The State of The European Blockchain Ecosystem, an interesting workshop presented by Lambis Dionysopoulos (EUBOF, Institute for the Future, University of Nicosia)
  • Transformation Toolset — DLT and Blockchain, an informative workshop presented by Fiona Delaney (CEO and Founder at Origin Chain Networks) and Caroline Thomas (board advisor, CEO and Founder of Objective Technologies Global Group)
  • Energy Efficiency of Blockchain Technologies, a great workshop by Ioannis Vlachos.
  • Demystifying NFTs, an intriguing workshop by Nikolaos Kostopoulos (EUBOF, INTRASOFT International)

All the above workshops were useful and great, but the most amazing of them was the Transformation Toolset workshop where attendees practiced preparing a Project Pitch.

The participants were divided into small groups, and were assigned to Pitch A Project. After getting all the insightful tips and information, they were given a few minutes to create a project and pitch it as an attractive convincing project. This important workshop provided the participants with great insights and tools that can be practically used in their own projects.

Barcelona New Connections

The D4A conference held in Barcelona was not just a great opportunity to learn new things by attending various workshops, but it was also a fruitful exciting experience that led to new connections with a lot of amazing persons like The Presidential Candidate from Djibouti and The President of Liberland.

President Vit Jedlicka, the founder and elected head of state of Liberland. The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia. The CEO of LCDP Token and President Vit Jedlicka exchanged some latest insights about Blockchains and crypto, where the latest expressed his vision of Liberland having cryptocurrencies as the main payment method.

This is just the beginning of the successful journey of the LCDP Token. Keep up with your Favorite NFT Gaming Token!

For more info about the LCDP Token Project, check the following links

Website || Instagram || Telegram




First NFT Game without a Presale

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First NFT Game without a Presale

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