LCDP Token Represented in Crypto Valley’s 4th Edition

The Event

On Thursday Oct.28 , the CEO of LCDP Token arrived to Rotkreuz -
Switzerland and represented the project in one of the most innovative events of crypto conferences, that cover topics on technology, economy & finance and legal & regulation. Crypto Valley’s 4th edition (2021) held at the HSLU Lucerne University and brought together the world’s leading researchers, developers and innovators from academia, start-ups and established companies to share and discuss state-of-the-art developments and advances in the blockchain technology ecosystem. The event was endorsed by IEEE Switzerland, the leading body for the certification of research excellence and is the first of its kind.

The CEO Sahin Ates of LCDP Token at the Crypto Valley Conference 2021

The Agenda

For two days, Mr. Sahin Ates the CEO of LCDP attended impressive presentations discussing vital topics about blockchain developments.

On the first day of the Crypto Valley Conference, 4 sessions were attended :

1- A Masterclass session hosting Mr. Boris Bohrer Bilowitzki [Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at Copper] , where he talked about Multi-party Computation Custody and the Effective Methods of Key Management . The Mastersclass was very informative and interesting.

2- An educative session reaffirming the strategies of Building a Blockchain Project.

3- An informative session about 360 Tokenization: The process of issuing a blockchain token (security token) that digitally and legally represents a security, possibly associated with an underlying asset.

4- A general informative session by a representative from Binance.

Amid these sessions, there was a beneficial networking between the CEO of LCDP and other attendees, establishing connections and exchanging information about the other presentations.

The second day of the Crypto Valley Conference started at 9:00 , attendees were welcomed before they divided to the presentations held in two main auditoriums. The program held a lot of important stations:

1- A presentation about Infrastructure/Interoperability/Protocols hosted by Mr. Frederik Gregaard from The Cardano Foundation

2- A presentation about the Future of Crypto Compliance hosted by Mr. Lucas Betschart From 21 Analytics

3- The NFT Gala and The NFT Discussion hosted by a variety of talented NFT artists and creators

These NFT presentations were extremely important for the LCDP to keep up with the new NFT hypes and getting to know the competitors.

A further social networking was established amidst the CEO of LCDP and the investors and companies attending the Crypto Valley Conference. The networking was vital to create connections with possible new investors, talk about the LCDP project, and get positive feedback about the project.

The LCDP Token will continue to attend the important Crypto related events to establish the presence of this huge project that carries great value as a unique NFT Token with an amazing features and great potentials.

LCDP Token is already hitting the big news in important press releases like

CBS / FOX40 / FOX43 / FOX28 / 2NEWS

NBC / USA Today / NCN / Daily Herald / SNN

you can check them to keep updated with the project !

For more info about the LCDP Token Project, check the following links

Website || Instagram || Telegram




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