The Weekly LCDP Report: New Nfts, Meta News, and more!

In this article you will read about:

  • The new LCDP NFT Marketplace: Limited and Unique!
  • LCDP Going Meta !
  • $LCDP Token X Cointiger: 19,300,000 $LCDP Giveaway!
  • LCDP Token’s Latest AMA Brief
  • LCDP Token X Blockchance Europe 2021: The Event!

The new LCDP NFT Marketplace: Limited and Unique!

Save the date! This December 19, the anticipated new NFT Collection of the LCDP Token Project will be released. This NFT collection will follow the LCDP NFT Marketplace launch, whose date is to be announced soon on our social media platforms.

Now let’s talk about the upcoming collection.

The LCDP Token NFTs:

  • Four Characters: Two female characters — One male character — One “bad” guy )
  • Each character will have three rarities: “ MOTHERF*CKER” — “OG” — “LEGEND”
  • Max supply will be about 1500 Nfts
  • The Nfts can be used in all of the LCDP Token Platforms.

LCDP Going Meta !

As you will read it next in today’s AMA brief, the CEO of the LCDP Token project announced that LCDP is going Meta! The project will ride the wave of the Metaverse.

As most of you already know, Gaming is the best way to combine Metaverse and NFT at the moment. The future that the LCDP Token Project wants to build using Metaverse is not difficult to understand, it is about using technology to project various content of the real world into a parallel universe, so that LCDP users can immerse themselves in a variety of virtual activities while playing the LCDP Game, like social networks: Interactive and Creative!

$LCDP Token X Cointiger: 19,300,000 $LCDP Giveaway!

As announced on their website, Cointiger and the LCDP Token project team have joined forces to host a campaign of 19,300,000 LCDP to give away.

Campaign: LCDP Trading Contest and Win 19,300,000 LCDP

  • Campaign Link: LCDP Trading Contest
  • Campaign Duration: 9 December 10:00 am — 15 December 10:00 am (UTC)
  • Campaign Rules:

Users who trade LCDP/USDT, trading volume (buy + sell, excluding wash trades ) is ranked in the top 20 during the campaign time, and KYC users whose cumulative trading volume meets the following conditions will be able to receive LCDP reward. Specific rules are as follows.

Users who are not top 20 but with a trading volume of more than 1,930,000 LCDP will share 3860,000 LCDP according to the proportion of trading volume. The maximum reward will be no more than the reward for the 20th winner.

Helpful Reminder:

1.Trading Volume = buy+sell (excluding wash trades).

2. Rewards will be distributed 5 business days upon completion of the activities.

3. To guarantee the equity of the campaign, CoinTiger reserves the right to cancel rewards if users violate campaign requirements. Users’ accounts will be frozen in severe cases.

4.Users should complete KYC on CoinTiger before receiving rewards for above campaigns

5.CoinTiger reserves the right to cancel or amend the Contest or Campaign Rules at our sole discretion.

LCDP Token’s Latest AMA Brief

Today, on December 9 at 13:00 UTC , the latest AMA was held live on the LCDP Token Telegram Channel, hosted by the CEO of the LCDP Token who answered the community’s questions and provided some big updates about this amazing project. Here are some of the questions asked and their answers.

What kind of games is the LCDP Token Project developing? And What will be its unique advantages?

The LCDP NFT Game will be a Metaverse Game! Like you already noticed we opened a huge Staking Pool with some insane rewards and this is one of the special advantages of this project. We like to give back to the community way more than other projects. Our NFT collection will be available this Dec.19th and the NFTs will be extremely rare and with a competitive price. Holders will be able to earn huge rewards again with NFT Staking this time. Our NFT Holders can stake their NFTs in a special huge Staking Pool where they can earn BNB, and later on use the NFTs in the Metaverse and in the Game.

How long will the Staking last? Would the percentage be always the same? Is there any upcoming pump in December?

The LCDP Staking will last until December 2022. The APR will always stay the same and there will be no volume decrease. Of course, the more users staking, the less the APR. But it’s still very attractive! We hope to get a pump in December following our CoinTiger Listing, through their promotion and with The LCDP Token NFT Marketplace release.

Which Market Cap do you think is achievable in the next six months or a year?

We aim for 10M in the next six months, Regarding next year, we hope to achieve 50M. We will see, it is still early now.

I understand that P2E is very attractive, but we know that the mechanism can also cause inflation within the platform, if not balanced well. What are the ways and means The LCDP Token Project will use to ensure the longevity of the whole project?

Yes, we totally agree with you. We observed a few projects that faced these problems before. That’s why we decided to develop a deflationary burn function for our token. This is something you can’t find in many other NFT Gaming or Metaverse projects. The next thing is that we always want to keep our tokens rare. That’s why we decided that, in the future, the LCDP rewards would be reduced and eventually stopped, and replaced with BNB rewards!

Are there any famous influencers posting about the token?

Not clear yet. As soon as any new influencers will be talking about the project, the news would be shared and announced.

What is the date of the game release?

Not Determined yet. It will be announced in time for sure.

How can you compete with other NFT Gaming coins? What is the LCDP Token preparing to attract more users?

We think we are already competing with the others, considering our token functions: we burn and we reward holders just for holding; we have a huge staking pool for a long time compared with other projects.. The next thing is the huge BNB rewards for staking our NFTs. The Pools will be insane! And last but not least, our NFTs will be Multi-functional : they can be used for staking, in the Metaverse, in the game, and who knows! Maybe there will be more possibilities in the future!

LCDP Token X Blockchance Europe 2021: The Event!

December 2–4, Chamber of Commerce Hamburg / Germany

The CEO of The La Casa De Papel Token ($LCDP) represented the project in the Blockchance 3-day conference, which was held in-person and virtually, with over 120 speakers and more than 50 exhibitors creating a networking, match-making and education platform.

Key topics were Blockchain technology use cases, digital assets, sustainability, governance, traceability, data security, id management, token economy, digital banking, intelligent transport systems, robotics, AI and IoT.

A varied program was offered at BLOCKCHANCE. Although the Covid situation partially restricted operations, this did not result in any restrictions on the perfectly organized event. Most of the lectures on site were exciting and inspiring for The CEO of $LCDP Token. Here are some of the workshops he attended.

  • OC Regulatory Fireside Chat: Crypto regulation — A European view

Osborne Clarke’s international crypto experts, Tanja Aschenbeck (Germany), Karima Lachgar (France), Umberto Piattelli (Italy) and Michael Lewis (UK) joined an interesting chat about the current and upcoming regulatory topics in the crypto industry. The OC Fireside Chat was moderated by Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association.

In this interesting workshop, a representative from BaFin gave an important speech, BaFin is Germany’s financial regulator and is responsible for ensuring the stability and integrity of the German financial system.

  • Progressive decentralization and the feedback loop between decentralized governance and community

Daniel Ospina [ Head of Decentralized Governance, Aragon] did a presentation on foundational ideas of decentralized governance and community empowerment, followed by a Q&A and discussion.

  • How to create a rock-solid finance ecosystem

Wolfgang Berger [IBM Consulting, Partner, CTO Banking and Financial Markets (DACH)] and Fabio Keller [IBM, Confidential Computing | Digital Assets] brought up relevant aspects from different perspectives: The Banker’s View — The Operator’s View -The Paranoid’s View

The Blockchance conference was a great chance to meet and set up many new possible partnerships. Some of the exhibitors at BLOCKCHANCE included organizations such as Polygon, Figment, SettleMint, Concordium, BTC-ECHO and several others. Blocksize Capital was also represented with a booth, as did Micobo and Decus Network, which are part of the corporate group.

That was our weekly report of the latest LCDP Token news. This is just the beginning of one unique successful journey, are you on board yet?

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